Kipling Scrapbooks Digital Exhibit

The Kipling Scrapbooks Digital Exhibit features digitized scrapbooks from Dalhousie Libraries' Rudyard Kipling Collection. Assembled by contemporaries of Kipling's, these scrapbooks represent the wide range of responses to Kipling and his works during the height of his career. They contain some obscurer texts by and about Kipling, and also help to pinpoint his movements in the early years of his writing. 

This exhibit singularly features the Garth Scrapbook, created by Sir William Garth (1854-1923), which preserves Kipling's early journalistic works, "Letters of Marque" (1887-1888). To capture the spirit of Kipling's travels throughout Rajputana, India, the Kipling Scrapbooks features an interactive map and timeline that charts Kipling's movements as he wrote "Letters of Marque."  


The Kipling Scrapbook Digital Exhibit Team: Jessica Ruzek, Roger Gillis, Diana Doublet, Karen Smith