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The Science Building : the first building erected at Studley, 1912

File contains a pamphlet with an Arthur Lismer sketch of the Science Building at Dalhousie University. The pamphlet also has a set of rules for a card game "The Matron at Pinehill" and a scoresheet inscribed "M. Elliott."

Technical drawing of a longitudinal section of an arts building for Dalhousie University

Item is a technical drawing of a longitudinal section of the Dalhousie arts building (now the University Club) at Dalhousie University.

Photograph of Dalplex during construction

Item is a photograph taken during the construction of Dalplex. The photograph shows the roof of the building.

Architect's sketch of a women's residence for Dalhousie

Item is a sketch of a proposed women's residence for Dalhousie University, published on the front page of the Dalhousie Gazette, Volume 51, Issue 11-13. The drawing accompanied an article about the residence.

Photograph of Medical-Dental Library

File is a photograph of the Medical-Dental Library which was replaced by the Tupper Building in 1965.

Photograph of Dalhousie College

A note on the back of the photograph says: "The First Dalhousie / Cornerstone laid by Lord Dalhousie, 1820 / Demolished in 1887 to make room for / present Civic Building on the north / end of the Grand Parade."

Photograph of C. D. Howe at the laying of a cornerstone for the men's residence

File consists of a photograph of C. D. Howe, Chancellor of Dalhousie University, at the laying of a cornerstone for the men's residence (Howe Hall). The photograph was selected for inclusion in the publication "The Lives of Dalhousie University, Vol.…