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Page 136 of the Dalhousie Gazette, Volume 26, Issue 4

Item is an issue of the Dalhousie Gazette published on December 20, 1893. The issue contains portraits and biographies of George Munro, James DeMille (Professor of Rhetoric and History), William Lyall (Chair of Metaphysics), Dr. Schurman (Chair of…

Photograph of William Lyall

Item is a photograph of William Lyall, a professor at Dalhousie College.

Composite photograph of the Dalhousie College faculty, graduates, and students 1869-1870

Item is a composite photograph of the faculty, graduates, and students of Dalhousie College from the 1869-1870 school year. The item consists of portraits of George Lawson; James Ross; William Lyall; John Johnston; Charles Macdonald; James DeMill;…

Letter from Mr. Lyall certifying that James Baxter attended Greek and Latin classes

Item is a letter written by Willam Lyall to certify that James Baxter attended senior Greek and Latin classes during the 1862-1863 session. The letter was written in Halifax on December 18, 1863.

Ticket to a metaphysics, esthetics, and belles-lettres class at Dalhousie College

Item is a ticket to a metaphysics, esthetics, and belles-lettres class at Dalhousie College. The class was taught by WIlliam Lyall during the 1863-1864 session. James Baxter's names is written on the back of the ticket.