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Photograph of Officers and Executive of the Halifax Curling Club, 1929-1930

Item is a photograph of Officers and Executive of the Halifax Curling Club, 1929-1930, including J.E. Donahoe, J.A. MacInnis, Rev. H.B. Clarke, Prof. M. MacNeill, C.L. Torey, A.S. Barnstead, Dr. A. MacD. Morton, Dr. MacAuley, and C.S. Mason.

Photograph of M. M. Macneill

File consists of a photograph of Murray M. MacNeill, Professor of Mathematics (1907-1942) and Registrar (1908-1936). The photograph was selected for inclusion in the publication "The Lives of Dalhousie University, Vol. 2" by Peter B. Waite (page…

Photograph of the Murray Macneill

Item is a photographic portrait of Murray Macneill in academic dress.

Photograph of Dalhousie Football Team

File contains two photographs of the 1894 Dalhousie Football Team. The photograph shows team members, including Murray Macneill, sitting or standing on a fur rug and chair around a trophy.

Composite photograph of class of 1896

Item is a composite photograph of the Dalhousie University class of 1896. The photograph consists of portraits of E. Mahon; M. McNeill; G. A. Grant; N. Graham Oakes; R. M. McGregor; D. Baker; B. Cumming; J. A. C. Rodgerson; W. D. Currie; W. R. McKay;…