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Composite photograph of the Dalhousie College faculty, graduates, and students 1869-1870

Item is a composite photograph of the faculty, graduates, and students of Dalhousie College from the 1869-1870 school year. The item consists of portraits of George Lawson; James Ross; William Lyall; John Johnston; Charles Macdonald; James DeMill;…

Photograph of James Ross

File consists of two copies of a photograph and a photocopy of the photograph, of James Ross. He was the Dalhousie College principal, 1863-1885. The original photograph was taken about 1869. The photograph was selected for inclusion in the…

Ticket to an ethics class at Dalhousie College

Item is a ticket to an ethics class taught by Professor Ross at Dalhousie College during the 1863-1864 session. James Baxter's name is written on the back of the ticket. The ticket is in a white envelope with Baxter's name written on it.