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Item consists of one handwritten poem, titled, "Sympathy."

Behind the Veil

Item contains a handwritten poem, titled, "Behind the Veil."

Sweet Maiden of Quoddy

Item consists of a typewritten copy of a poem titled, "Sweet Maiden of Quoddy." The poem is typed on Dalhousie University crested stationary.

Untitled poem

Item consists of a handwritten poem, which is illustrated with ink sketches in the margins.

Professor D'Mill's inaugural address

Item is a portion of a transcription of an inaugural address delivered by Professor James De Mille at a Dalhousie University convocation ceremony on November 4, 1873. The address was published in the Dalhousie Gazette, Volume 6, Issue 1.

Composite photograph of the Dalhousie College faculty, graduates, and students 1869-1870

Item is a composite photograph of the faculty, graduates, and students of Dalhousie College from the 1869-1870 school year. The item consists of portraits of George Lawson; James Ross; William Lyall; John Johnston; Charles Macdonald; James DeMill;…

Photograph of James De Mille

File consists of two copies of a photograph and a photocopy of a photograph of James De Mille, Professor of History and Rhetoric, 1866-1880. The photograph was taken about 1869. The photograph was selected for inclusion in the publication "The Lives…

Dalhousie Gazette, Volume 6, Issue 1

Item is an issue of the Dalhousie Gazette published on November 15, 1873.

Page 122 of the Dalhousie Gazette, Volume 26, Issue 4

Item is page 122 of an issue of the Dalhousie Gazette published on December 20, 1893. The page features a biography and photograph of the late James De Mille, professor of rhetoric and history,