10 - Pamphlet case

[Pamphlet case designed and handmade by Douglas Cockerell for a manuscript letter by Richard Phillips, Governor of Nova Scotia, c. 1719]. 38 x 25.5 cm.

Edition Statement

A unique binding for a protective pamphlet case which housed a letter from Governor Phillips to Lord Townsend, England’s Secretary of State.

Binding Description

Bound full brown morocco leather, the front and back covers of this volume feature a blind tooled single fillet border along the edges, with three gilt dots in the inner corners of the front and back borders. At the top of the front cover is the gilt title in uppercase lettering, A LETTER FROM RICHARD PHILLIPS GOVERNOR OF NOVA SCOTIA To THE RT. HON. THE LORD VISCOUNT TOWNSEND – HIS MAJESTY’S PRINCIPAL SECRETARY OF STATE. Morse’s monogram, “WIM,” is centred on the front cover in gilt fillets encircled by blind leaf ornaments interspersed with gilt dots. The subtitle, MANUSCRIPT, is in gilt uppercase lettering, and spaced evenly below the monogram. The back cover includes a vertical rectangle in blind fillets set 6.5 centimeters from the outer border, with single gilt dots in the inner corners of the rectangle. Single blind fillets are set one centimeter from the top and bottom insides of the rectangle, giving the inner panel definition. The leather turn-ins have two blind fillet borders with one border next to the Cockerell marbled endpapers, which are in complementary shades of brown, black and cream inks, and the second border on the outer edge. Three gilt dots are in the outer front and back covers of the inside covers, and blind stamped on the lower left corner of the back cover turn-in is “D.C. & SON 1934.”

Special Features

The document being encased is an early and important one in documenting Nova Scotia’s colonial history. The binding reflects this importance by displaying a full unabbreviated title in an elegant and expertly applied type.