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Douglas Cockerell fine bindings collection


The name Douglas Cockerell is synonymous with high-quality fine bindings and craftsmanship. Due to the discerning taste and generosity of the noted Nova Scotian philanthropist, William Inglis Morse, the Dalhousie University Libraries own thirteen bindings by Douglas Cockerell. Each binding has noteworthy features and there is an interesting range of formats from full book bindings to pamphlet cases. Most of the bindings are from the workshop of the bookbinder at the height of his career but there is one example of an earlier work from 1907. While it would be ideal to see and hold the actual bindings, for those not able to visit we are pleased to provide this digital exhibit of our Cockerell fine bindings. Presented here are an overview of Cockerell’s career and his fruitful relationship with William Inglis Morse, full descriptions of all the bindings, a glossary of the bookbinding terms used in the descriptions, bibliographical details of the books and photographs of the bindings.

This digital exhibit contains photographs taken by Dalhousie Libraries Intern in 2016 showcasing various aspects of the collection as well as text from Dalhousie Libraries' Special Collections Librarian, Karen Smith. For additional information contact Karen Smith (Email:, 902-494-8803 or 902-494-3615).