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Photograph of Lola Henry

File contains a photograph of Miss H. Lola Henry, secretary to the president at Dalhousie University. The photograph shows Henry sitting at a desk with a typewriter.


Photograph of H. B. Atlee

Item is a photograph of H. B. Atlee, from a composite photograph of the Dalhousie University Faculty of Medicine class of 1935.

Photograph of Gazette staff

tem is a photograph of the Dalhousie Gazette staff sitting or standing around a desk in front of a painted backdrop and curtains.

Photograph of Dalhousie Gazette Editors

Item is a photograph of the 1910-1911 Dalhousie Gazette Editors. The photograph shows O. S. Cox; D. A. McLeod; J. P. McQueen; J. K. Swanson; A. D. McDonald; W. M. Nelson (Assistant Business Manager); T. A. Lebbetter; Nora G. Lantz; C. L. Gass…

Photograph of the Dalart Trio

Item is a photograph of the Dalart Trio. Photograph shows (from left to right) William Valleau, cellist; Phillippe Djokic, violinist; and William Tritt, pianist.

Faculty of Medicine Class Photograph - 1926

Item is a composite class photograph of the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine class of 1926. The photograph consists of portraits of M. S. Patel; J. F. Bates; A. I. Cologrossi; G. I. Maglalang; J. G. Marks; S. A. Morton; J. D. Tropp; J. W. Reid; J. F.…

Photograph of Chinese students basketball team

Item is a photograph of the Chinese students basketball team. The photograph shows a woman presenting a trophy to the team.

Photograph of Walter M. Thorburn

Item is a photograph of Walter M. Thorburn from a photographic collage of the Dalhousie College faculty, graduates, and students of 1869-1870.

Photograph of a meeting at the Seaview African Baptist Church

File contains a photograph taken at a meeting at the Seaview African Baptist Church in Halifax's Africville neighborhood. The photograph shows several people sitting in the church pews while an unidentified person speaks to them.


Photograph of a meeting taking place in a bedroom in Africville

Item is a photograph taken during a meeting Alan Borovoy, Human Rights Lawyer. The meeting is taking place in a bedroom in a house in Africville. The photograph was used in Donald Clairmont's "Africville Relocation Report" ("Crucial Meeting" pg.…